September 27, 2013

race crazy

I love races.

Big or small, I enjoy the the energy in the air when bib-wearing runners line up together with the same goal. This summer and fall, though,  I may have gotten a little carried away.

I accidentally scheduled something for Every. Single. Weekend. I knew I was doing a lot, but didn’t realize how ridiculous it was until I added everything to my calendar.

I’m going to skip June because I *only* ran three races (June 1 North Face 50K, June 15 Baltimore 10 miler, June 16 Father’s Day 10K) … and that was before the consecutive weeks started.


Women’s Distance Festival 5K (plus marathon training miles)

July13 – Women’s Distance Festival 5K
It was a last-minute decision to run this race. Saturdays are for marathon training, and my running partner and I decided to incorporate the race into our long run. We ran six miles before the race, and about five after to make it 14 for the day. I even managed a third-place age group award!

July 20 – John Wall One Mile Race
I definitely prefer longer distances, but this is part of my running club’s Championship Series. We had another race planned for the next day, so I only did about three miles total for the day. Got a PR by about 10 seconds — it’s been awhile since I raced a mile!


Rosaryville 25K

July 21 – Rosaryville 25K Trail Race
This race had a variety of distances, from a 10K to a 50K. The 25K fit nicely into our marathon training schedule. It was really, really hot that day, but we had a good time! The two-loop course is fairly gentle, but the uphills were a lot more noticeable the second time around.

July 27 – Endless Summer 6-Hour Run
I actually blogged about this one. But if you don’t feel like hopping over there, this was a six-hour timed event held in a nearby park. We ran as many 4ish-mile loops as we could in that time on a paved trail. I was pleased with my total of 31.41 miles!

MD Heat Race 25K

MD Heat Race 25K

August 3 – MD Heat Race 25K Trail Race
This was my second year running this race. A much more challenging trail than Rosaryville, but it’s a lot of fun — this course includes tough climbs and stream crossings. Oddly enough, it wasn’t that hot out! The weather definitely helped me cut 19 minutes off last year’s time.

August 4 – Dog Days 8K
Two days in a row, an unseasonably cool day on what otherwise should be a hot race! I thought I might be a bit tired from the previous day’s tough race, but I was only 45 seconds slower than last year!

Charles St 12 Miler

Charles St 12 Miler

August 10 – Charles Street 12 Miler
New race, and a unique distance. They billed this race as being downhill. Sure, it did go down a lot more than up. But the ups were pretty tough, and there were a lot more of them than expected! It was still a nice event, with a sweet UA hoodie as the premium.

August 18 – Iron Girl Columbia Sprint Triathlon
My sixth time doing this event. I pulled a hamstring a few days prior (I learned the hard way not to try to stretch out a super tight hammy), so I was a little concerned. The swim and bike felt fine, the run was actually much better than expected. It only really bothered me going up hills. So I walked. Those hills suck, anyway. And I think I usually take walk breaks at that point! My run time wasn’t bad, despite the hill breaks, and I was happy to finish another triathlon!

August 25 – Annapolis 10-Mile Run
The Annapolis Striders flagship run. We had beautiful weather for a change. Usually, you can expect hazy/hot/humid. Last year, we had a torrential downpour. The year before, it was cancelled because of a hurricane. But this year it was lovely. I had a pretty good run, despite a still-healing hamstring.

Rock 'n' Roll VA Beach

Rock ‘n’ Roll VA Beach

September 1 – Rock ‘n’ Roll VA Beach Half Marathon
I had a 20-miler on my marathon training schedule, but I knew that wasn’t going  to happen. I was happy that I managed to run four miles before the race. Close enough. My warm-up miles felt great, but the race went downhill fast. Legs just felt sluggish, and I suppose the 75*/95% humidity didn’t help. Slowest half marathon in quite a while, I think. But a bad race was still a good training run.

Amish Country Bike Tour

Amish Country Bike Tour

September 7 – Amish  Country Bike Tour 100K Ride
My first metric century! I joined some friends to bike through the Delaware countryside, starting in Dover. It was a perfect day, sunny and cool. This ride is known for its pie stop. Yum!  We had a great time, and I’ll definitely be back to do it again. Maybe even upgrade to the 100 miler?

Rock 'n' Roll Philly

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philly

September 14 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
Girls weekend in Philly! I joined two friends for this trip. One of them is speedy and moved up a few corrals, but the other ran with me for the race. We both had some minor ailments (my hip/IT band had been tight all week, and decided it did not want to run more than six miles), but we helped motivate each other to keep a decent pace.  No PR, but in my top 5. I’ll take it! We added a little mileage beforehand to make it a 16-mile day.

Metric Marathon +

Metric Marathon +

September 21 – Howard County Striders Metric Marathon
Signing up for a 16.3-mile race is a good way to get in some marathon training mileage … but I really needed a 20 miler. All these shorter races messed up my schedule! I got there early enough to run three and a half miles before the race. I was happy to hit the finish line at 19.9. Very easy to top it off! My hip/IT started bothering me again about halfway through the race. I started incorporating walk breaks so my pace took a hit. But still a solid training run.

And now I’m all caught up to this weekend.

I wasn’t going to race this weekend.  But our 10K class (I’m a mentor) is running a 5K on Sunday. It’s partial trail, so I know it won’t be a super fast race. I decided I’d like to join them :)

Upcoming, I have another Metric Marathon on October 5, this time with my running club, and the Atlantic City Marathon on October 13.

After that I’ll take a break!

Um, for one week. Because then I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27.

And *then* I’ll be done.

Because I have to miss my club’s 5-mile race on November 2 for a wedding.

And I’m pretty sure I’m *not* going to do a 50K on November 9 …


  • By Kristina @ Blog About Running, October 3, 2013 @ 12:52 pm

    WOW so many races – that’s super impressive. Since the races were all different lengths and on different terrains it looks like signing up for so many actually worked in your favor to keep things really interesting without burning out! Awesome strategy! :)

    Just read your North Face 50K race recap too – I can’t wait to do a 50K sometime next year. I’ll definitely be sticking around and reading your blog for inspiration!


    Lauren @ mostly i run Reply:

    I make sure not to ‘race’ all of them, too! But, it has been a bit much :)


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