September 13, 2013

review: enduropacks

A couple months ago, I was contacted by EnduroPacks, asking if I would be interested in testing out their products. I checked out their site, and it seemed like a great concept.  It’s a four-part system that includes a liquid multivitamin meant to be taken in the morning before workouts, amino acid patches to be used post workout, concentrated electrolyte spray used to mix a sport drink during exercise, and glutamine tablets taken before bed.


I always forget to take my multivitamins, and I’m sure I could benefit with some additional supplements with all I put my body through. I wanted to give it a try! I was sent a 30-day supply to test. It was perfect timing — I started taking them just before my 6-hour run, and had quite a few events lined up in the weeks that followed.

The four-part process actually made it a little easier for me to remember, though I did have a few days where I would miss a step. Still, I was much more successful than I usually have been with vitamins.



The multivitamin tasted OK, and most of the time I tolerated it well. A few times, though, it felt like it just didn’t sit right. I didn’t feel sick, just a little off. I think I just prefer tablet vitamins. There’s also the convenience factor. I had just finished my supply when I went out of town for a few days … but had I still been taking it, I wouldn’t have been able to bring it with me.

I always took it in the morning with breakfast, but during my trial I was working out at 6 a.m most days (yoga or swimming). I don’t eat before those workouts, so I wasn’t getting the vitamins until after a workout most of the time.

Amino Acid Patch


This is a sticker that you wear post workout. My instructions didn’t specify where to put it, but a newer version EnduroPacks will be using says to apply to the inner wrist or forearm. Oops! I put it on my stomach the first day, but it irritated my skin. After that, I used my less-sensitive butt, LOL. I’m not sure if that affected the efficiency of the product or not. I don’t think I would want to wear this on my arm, it looks like a nicotine patch!

Electrolyte Spray


I usually use a 20-ounce water bottle, so I made my mix with 10 sprays. It’s not sweet, and has a light lemony taste. I like it. For longer races, though, I would have to take Gatorade or whatever else they were serving if I needed to refill. And I couldn’t use it it for a 25K trail race when I carried my 70-ounce hydration pack (well, I could have, but would have used several days worth!). I did do a test on a 10-mile race where I carried the electrolyte drink and took only water at the aid stations, and I felt good.

Glutamine Tablets


Two tablets before bedtime wasn’t too hard to remember.  A little strange that the bottle says serving size one capsule yet the instructions say to take two. I took two.

The verdict?

In general (with or without supplements), I usually feel pretty good. It’s a little hard to judge. But I do definitely think the glutamine was doing its job. From the EnduroPacks website, glutamine:

Replenishes nitrogen loss due to intense muscle training and speed up recovery (so you can get back out there tomorrow!).

I was pretty much pain-free the day after my six-hour run (on an asphalt path!). I remember feeling pleasantly surprised as I casually walked down stairs the next day.  That was the event that stuck out the most. But I didn’t realize until my supply ran out that I had also been less sore after boot camp workouts as well.  Our instructor mixes up the workouts so much that even when going to class two or three times a week, I always can tell what muscles were used the next day or two!  My co-worker and I like to commiserate about what hurts after each class.  My soreness was a lot milder with the glutamine. Not gone completely … but just barely noticeable.

I liked the electrolytes too.  It tasted good and most likely wouldn’t cause any stomach issues, even if I did manage to replenish my supply during a longer event. It would be nice if this was available separately and/or in larger bottles so I could be hydrated for all my workouts. 20 ounces a day isn’t enough!

I’m not as sold on the vitamins and amino patch. The effect didn’t seem noticeable, and they weren’t the most convenient products to use.

It’s a bit of an investment to purchase EnduroPacks, and I’m not sure it’s the right fit for me. But it is a high-quality set of products, made with organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO ingredients. That I can get behind.

I’ve got big plans for 2014 and want to make sure I give my body what it needs to fuel and recover from workouts. Despite the negatives, I may have to keep EnduroPacks on my list of products to consider.


Disclaimer:  I received a 30-day supply of EnduroPacks for free in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated any other way. Opinions are my own.

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  • By Enduropacks, September 19, 2013 @ 12:57 pm

    Thank you so much for participating in the product review with us! It really sounds like your training and recovery, in particular, benefited during your trial period. Our customers and reviewers have consistently highlighted the recovery elements (amino acids and glutamine) in helping them bounce back after a long training run!

    Thank you for your feedback as well. We have clarified the application of the amino acid patches. They can be applied to the inner forearm, back or stomach area. And our label for the glutamine tablets will display the serving size as 2 tablets (each night). The recovery elements seem to be doing their job! And we are happy to hear you liked our electrolyte spray too.

    As always, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, comments, or additional feedback. We are always looking to improve our product and experience for our customers. Visit us at or email


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