since i’ve been gone

Oh, whoa. My last post here was July 2015. I missed more than a year!

I realize nobody’s following me anymore, but I want to try to start documenting my life and races again. Even if it’s just for myself.

There’s no way I could write up race reports of everything I’ve missed, but here are some highlights:

October 2015: Ironman Maryland

My first Ironman! Our race was originally scheduled for October 3rd, but storms/hurricane threat caused them to cancel. Fortunately, they were able to reschedule two weeks later, and we raced on October 17th. Choppy waters delayed our start and caused our swim to be shortened to two miles. It was pretty cold and windy all day. Tough for sure, but I loved it!

October 2015: Marine Corps Marathon

I should have had three weeks to recover, but due to the rescheduling, I only had eight days. That’s still probably not enough, but it was the 40th anniversary and my 5th time running MCM, so I didn’t want to miss it. I did a run-walk, and amazingly didn’t feel that bad.

November 2015: Philadelphia Marathon

Yes, another marathon a few weeks later! My friends were going, and this race had been on my bucket list. I was a little tired, but ran reasonably well and enjoyed the course.

Another marathon done. And my medal rings! #runchat

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January 2016: Dopey Challenge

So maybe it was a little crazy to run four races in a row just a few months after my first Ironman. Well, a bunch of my friends were going, and I did Goofy in 2010. I was dying to go back and tackle the Dopey Challenge!


June 2016: Eagleman 70.3

Similar to the IMMD course, I did Eagleman as a training race for my next full Ironman. It was HOT and my run was slow, but I managed to get a 70.3 PR.

3rd 70.3 done! That was a slow hot run … but overall PR so I’m happy!

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July 2016: Ironman Vineman

Yup, I did my second Ironman less than 10 months after my first. It was a new race to the Ironman brand (and turns out, will be the ONLY Ironman Vineman. The course is moving for 2017 and is now Ironman Santa Rosa). This was much more difficult than Maryland. Weather was beautiful, and wind wasn’t really an issue … but there are hills! I was quite a bit slower, but I still had a great time. Two friends raced with me, and we did a bit of wine tasting post-race!

October 2016: Chicago Marathon

Once again, I was back to running once Ironman training was over. I loved the Chicago Marathon — great course and amazing spectators! My time was kind of slow, but it was a beautiful day, and I had fun.

October 2016: Patapsco Valley 50K

And then I did the Patapsco Valley 50K two weeks later. That kinda hurt, but I (just barely) made the time cutoff, and I (just barely) wasn’t last!

November 2016: Disney Wine & Dine Lumiere’s Challenge

I had some time left on my parkhopper pass after Dopey, since we were too tired to go into the parks every day. And Disney created a new challenge, so I had to go back! Only a 10K + Half Marathon this time, so at least it wasn’t quite as exhausting as Dopey! But I spent quite a bit of time on my feet in the parks so I was just as tired!

Half Marathon done. At least some of you are awake by now!

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Phew! And that’s not even all of them. I just really enjoy races!

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  1. I’m still here 🙂 What an inspiring post!! You have been crushing it. I can see what you haven’t had time to blog!

    I am thinking about doing the Lumiere’s Challenge this year as well. Right now it’s a toss up between that and RnR Las Vegas…. tough decisions!

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