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I was given the opportunity to review the Vega One Nutritional Shake as part of their #OneChange initiative. In the new year, people are always looking for ways to better themselves. Can Vega One help people make #OneChange that will make a difference?

I relate most to this guy here:


The Serial Snacker. I always eat breakfast … but I also always need a mid-morning snack. And an afternoon snack. And usually a bedtime snack. I was hoping Vega One could help my breakfast smoothies last all morning long!

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Pictured smoothies may not all contain Vega One … but they look the same, anyway. I just wanted to illustrate my love of smoothies!

I first tried a Vega One packet mixed by itself with water. I received the French Vanilla flavor. The taste was pretty good, but the texture was a bit gritty. I thought I possibly didn’t mix it well enough, or didn’t use enough water … but I could always notice the texture in my smoothie concoctions as well. I’m not used to mixing powders into my smoothies, so maybe that’s something any protein-powder users wouldn’t notice as much. It’s not bad, I did still enjoy all of my Vega One concoctions!

The vanilla flavor tasted good with whatever I threw in there. Spinach / banana / berry  is a common mix for me, but lately I’ve been getting a little crazy with my smoothies. Spinach / beet / carrot was tasty as well. I think my favorite Vega One mix was spinach / banana / mango. Yum! I keep things simple and don’t usually measure, but I’d guess it was a generous handful of spinach, one banana, about a cup of water, about a cup of cut-up mango and a packet of Vega One French Vanilla. Add some ice if your mango isn’t frozen like mine was!

As for mending my snacking ways? Well, some mornings it worked …. and others I was still looking for my snack. Oh well. At least I felt good about getting all those extra nutrients in me!

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I think Vega One would make a good snack if you were to replace something you’d usually grab with a shake or bar. I try to bring healthy snacks to work with me every day … but sometimes I don’t pack enough, or crave a treat. Vega One would surely fit the bill, and would be easy to store in a desk drawer!

Disclaimer: I received  Vega One samples for free through my involvement with the Sweat Pink Ambassador Program.  I was not compensated any other way. Opinions are my own.

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