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weekly winners: go navy!

September 27-October 3, 2009

I’ve lived in Annapolis for over eight years now. But I only just attended my first Navy game yesterday. Some friends have season tickets, and we decided to join them for the game and pregame tailgate. It wasn’t the most exciting game … but I had fun, and Navy won in overtime. Yay!

Before the game, it was pretty cool watching the midshipmen march onto the field.

Navy vs Air Force

And then they filled the stands …

Navy vs Air Force

I knew the jets were coming, but they were fast! I’ll have to try to get a better shot next time!

Navy vs Air Force

Navy vs Air Force

Navy vs Air Force

I’m assuming these guys were there because Navy’s opponents were the Air Force Falcons.

Navy vs Air Force

And finally, I’ll leave you with a shot of Jeter. It’s been a while since I’ve had a kitty photo shoot!


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weekly winners: comfy cats

July 26 – August 1, 2009

Last week, I had tons of photos. This week? Not so much.

jeter in the sink
Jeter in the sink, snuggling with my laptop case.

I grew a kitty!
Little Guy napping in my planter.

Never leave a drink unattended in my house.

jeter water 1

jeter water 2

jeter water 3
(I had to sacrifice the clarity of this photo to catch the cup!)

That was Jeter again in the cup series. Oddly enough, I just posted this movie of Joey a couple days ago. It was recorded a few months ago, but I forgot about it.

You’d think I’d learn …


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weekly winners: cat dilemma

July 5-11, 2009

Ever since we’ve owned our house, we’ve been caring for a stray cat that calls our yard her home. Her name is Meadow. Shortly after we moved in, we discovered she had three kittens.

I got the help of a trap, neuter and release program in our area. The kittens were young enough to tame, but Meadow was already an adult and pretty set in her ways. They lent me traps and a cage that we set up in the garage to tame the kittens, and we got momma spayed and returned her to our yard.

Eight years later, she’s still doing great.

For a couple months now, she’s had some company. A little gray kitty has been showing up regularly. He was a tiny bit shy the first time we saw him, but he eagerly ate the food we put out for him.

He warmed up very quickly — rubbing up against us and jumping up for head pets. After he first appeared, we saw him daily. And then he vanished for a week or two. I worried a little, but hoped he found his way home. He did seem a bit too friendly to be a stray …

And then one day he was back. We see him pretty regularly. Not as often as Meadow, but he’s around a lot. And he’s looking a little scruffier — there are some cuts (bug bites, maybe?) on his nose, and he seems a little dirty (fleas?). So now I’m beginning to wonder.

Does he just have irresponsible owners? Is he lost? Or is he an unusually friendly stray?

I feel like I have to do something. I really like this little guy!

But what? I want to take care of him … but I don’t want to steal somebody’s cat if he’s actually lost. We see a similar cat (don’t think it’s him?) hanging out at one of the houses further down the street. But if he’s that local, he wouldn’t be lost … and he definitely needs some TLC (and a vet!).

We have had a feral cat problem in our neighborhood, due to irresponsible pet owners in a house around the corner. Which is why I’m more likely to take action …

Anyway, this week’s photos are all of my new friend.

Our newest visitor
Food time?

Our newest visitor
Rolling around

Our newest visitor
Are we done now?

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weekly winners

May 31 – June 6, 2009

I went into DC yesterday to run in the Race for the Cure 5K. It’s difficult to run because there are so many runners and walkers — something like 50,000. And a lot of the walkers didn’t follow directions and started with the runners. There was a separate start line, and they were supposed to start 15 minutes after the runners. But I crossed the start line and there were already people walking, holding signs, etc.

So it was a little extra workout from your usual 5K, zig-zagging around walkers and slower runners, trying to find a good pace. I was happy that I managed to finish just over 29 minutes (I think — official results not posted but I had my Garmin.) At least it was a chip race this year. In the past it wasn’t. My clock time was somewhere around 37 minutes!

Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure - DC

I got into the city really early. I was expecting to have to wait for a train, and for crowds. But I walked into the Metro station and right onto a train, and it left just a couple minutes later. I was meeting some coworkers for a team photo at 7:30, but I got there around 6:40. Plenty of time to find a port-o-pot (no lines!), pick up my donation voucher, and wander around. (They offered incentives to solicit donations. I procrastinated and didn’t get any donations until race week. I reached my goal before race day, but I didn’t get my voucher emailed to me.)

Anyway, that killed a little time. But I still had to wait for my coworkers. Fortunately, we were meeting at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden so I could entertain myself.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Eventually it was time to meet up. Folks gradually arrived, and we took a few photos. Then it was time to wait for the start!

Only the opening ceremony kept going, and speakers kept coming up. We just wanted to run! They ended up starting about 30 minutes late.

But it was a really good time. The event was very well organized. There were great vendor freebies at the finish, and the race had plenty of snacks and drinks available. I was impressed!

Also this week …

I’ve got some lazy cats.

lounging joey

sleepy boys

And finally, I took this at the Cracker show last week, while waiting for the encore:

Cracker's guitars

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